Introduction and Query


I am a B.Tech 3rd year student at LNMIIT , Jaipur , India. I have been involved with android app development for over an year now.

These are the apps i’ve been involved with.

  1. -> The app has more than 500k downloads. I worked on it along with the founder of the startup.

  2. -> A file sharing app in which i am involved in development of some modules.

  3. - An app as a part of Software Engineering Course.

  4. -> An app which lets you find the blood donors near your address. To be uploaded to playstore shortly.

  5. -> A fitness social network app in which gym trainers as well as enthusiasts can interact. To be uploaded to playstore shortly.

  6. -> An info app for HttpCart Technologies in Jaipur.

I’ve open sourced some of these apps at:

I went through the ideas page and found the “Enhance existing DHIS2 android dashboard application” idea quite interesting.

I have used SQLite in almost all of my apps listed above. I’ve also used Google Maps API for various purposes like getting actual address by tapping on a point on the map, editing/adding markers on the map etc. I have also used MPAndroidChart to create some visualisations.

Some queries:

  1. How do i get the credentials for logging in to the application?

  2. Is there a channel on IRC?

  3. Can you give some guidelines regarding proposal?



Thanks & Regards,

Divya Vikash
Pre-Final Year, B.Tech(CSE), LNMIIT,Jaipur +918875306750