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Hi awesome people of DHIS2 , am so excited to join the community, Currently am working as MIS specialist at MSH Tanzania.

I was silent DHIS2 community member for about six years now, working closely with Tanzania ministry of health to provide technical support on DHIS2/HMIS national health data repository to

  • Maintain and customize national health data repository (DHIS2 implementation)

  • Develop and maintain DHIS apps to cater the needs of ministry of health.

Looking forward to contribute


Hi @lmpande,

I am loving the energy you have; great to finally have you here!

We do hope that you will get to share your use cases, skills and expertise with the community members as we learn from your previous assignments :slightly_smiling_face:
You can check out the various Categories we have in the Community and also feel free to ask and contribute to the Latest Discussions in the community.

Karibu sana.


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Hello DHIS2 Community,

Am excited to join and as newbie to the system, I have been able to discover and learn alot.

Previously worked with Martus and since the closure been looking for a system that can help my clients in data collection, analysis and presentation and DHIS2 is just more than that.

Looking forward learning alot from you all and contribute whenever I can.

Thank you for the great work yo’all.

Stay blessed.


Hi DHIS2 community members. I am pleased to join this community this week only after completion of online DHIS2 fundamentals and DHIS2 Analytic tools- level 1 from DHIS2 academy in the University of Gondar, Ethiopia. Therefore I would like to install and configure DHIS2 on my laptop and further study the customization part. Any one who can guide me on how to proceed.


@lwegaba Welcome to the Community! So glad to have you here!
Feel free to check out the various Categories we have in the Community and seek clarification on any challenge you may experience. Also you can contribute to the Latest Discussions in the community.


@girmat Welcome to the community! Congratulations on completion of the course. Please follow this discussion Self introduction for the detailed guidance!

Wishing you all the best!


Thank you Clara.


@Saiddirie Welcome to the community! In case you haven’t seen it, please follow this post and learn all about the upcoming DHIS2 Annual Conference 2020 Save the date! DHIS2 Annual Conference Oslo 2020

Wishing you all the best as you prepare for that.


Hello everyone!

I am Josue Mutabazi from Rwanda. I am working at HISP Rwanda as a Software Developer. We are DHIS2 Implementers based in Rwanda but with no barrier – Wherever :blush:. Joining this community will be of very big help just interacting with each other and learning from each other – Sharing experience!.

You can find me here Personal Website or Twitter, Facebook and ofcourse @Josue :smile::rofl:

Cheers, Josue


@Josue welcome to the community! We are excited to have you here! Looking forward to seeing your vibrant contributions in the different categories.



Thank you so much @ClaraMwanthi for this kind welcome!

I’m so glad to join the community as we will all be sharing experiences, just learning from each other!

Best regards,


Hi everyone,

I’m George, currently working with Kemri-Wellcome Trust research programme, Health system research group, Health informatics and Data management unit in Nairobi, Kenya.

previously worked with MOH Division of HIS and was involved in the initial rollout of DHIS2in Kenya. At present, we are running the clinical information network project where we are working with hospitals to improve information management practices using structured and standardized forms in paediatric and new-borns wards for overall inpatient quality of care improvement. We are using DHIS2(KHIS Aggregate) as the reference source of data. I’m interested in attending DHIS2 Academy Workshops to learn experiences from other people

Twitter @joji_ikuta


Hi All,
My name is Maya and I a based in Bamako, Mali. I work on a rapid response mechanism that provides humanitarian assistance in food, WASH, non-food items, and shelter to displaced communities affected by conflict and natural disasters. We use DHIS2 as a platform for sharing information (through dashboards, maps, charts, etc.) among humanitarian actors regarding crisis alerts, rapid assessments, and responses conducted (by sector and by region, district, and commune) by different NGOs throughout Mali. As the M&E manager of the rapid response mechanism at CRS, I oversee data collection, usership, and creation and updating of dashboards on the DHIS2 online platform. I look forward to interacting with others to learn more about DHIS2 functionalities and also applications beyond the health sector, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa.


Hi everyone,
I’m OUEDRAOGO Boukary, currently director of health information systems from Burkina Faso ministry of health.
I previously use DHIS2 for epidimiological data surveillance for MoH.
I’ll appreciate to contribute and learn from others.


@Bouba, We are really honored to have you here! Welcome to the community! We will be looking forward to hearing from MoH Burkina!


Hi @gmbevi!
Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you here! The DHIS2 Academy schedule is out! Please see Announcing the 2020 Academy Schedule .
Also feel free to share with us your work as you enjoy the learnings!



Hi @Maya_CRSMali,
Welcome to the community! It is good to learn of the great work that you are doing. Please feel free to browse the categories, share, learn and connect with like minded community members!



Hi @ClaraMwanthi, Glad to be here too.Been around for quite some time but had’nt introduced myself yet.Looking forward to learn and share best practices with regards to DHIS2.

Thanks for your welcome.


Hello All,
Kingsley Arhin-Wiredu from Ghana. I started using DHIS2 as an end user. I am currently an intermediate DHIS2 developer


my name is juhar mohammed from Ethiopia i employed for one years in health center but now am the trainer of this software so i need some informatinon about the development and its feature abour DHIS 2 tool