Interpretation of the access string


I’m working with setting access to different objects via the API. The use case is finding all objects with public write access and changing it to public read without manually going through all objects. I therefore want to know what the “rw------” string in the sharing object really means. It seems to me like its interpretation is slightly different for different objects. My interpretation so far is:

First element: “r” means metadata read access
Second element: “w” means metadata write access
Third element: “r” data read access (only relevant for dataSet and categoryOption)
Fourth element: “w” data write/capture access (only relevant for dataSet and categoryOption)
Fifth - eighth element: Not in use to my knowledge

Is this the correct interpretation? If not, how should I interpret the string?

Thanks in advance, August

Hi @augustsm

To the best of my knowledge, you are on the right path! You could play with a dataset and change it’s sharing settings while observing how that changes in the API too.

Thanks for listing it above and writing it clearly. :slight_smile: