Interesting new error in the console of 2.37.8 ('useNewDashboard')

{“httpStatus”:“Not Found”,“httpStatusCode”:404,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“The key ‘useNewDashboard’ was not found in the namespace ‘capture’.”}

I’m seeing this in the console page of capture in 2.37.8. I don’t seem to see any negative effects at all, but as my purpose is to test out 2.37.8, wanted to see if anyone had more information based on this.

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Hey @Matthew_Boddie!

I’ve been seeing many of these as well! Most of these are ‘console log noise’ :frowning: Unless there’s an indication that something’s not working or other errors maybe that we can investigate.

For example,


Thanks @Gassim for the speedy response here! Will write down “console log noise” as a term I’m meant to know!