Interested in GSOC WebDriver (Selenium 2) based framework for automated test scripts


My Name is Rasheed and I am a student doing masters in computer science. Through Google Summer of Code, I noticed a project idea for which you are mentoring, i.e., “WebDriver (Selenium 2) based framework for automated test scripts”.

As part of a recent project I undertook at my university, I used along with Selenium 2 WebDriver for UI and Specflow/Gherkin/Fit for Behaviour driven tests. The project was to build an asset and liability valuation framework along with risk metrics and was to provide data using web services. It’s user interface was built in C# and JavaScript.

My task in the project was to utilize my programming and testing skills to setup the selenium framework and specflow for allowing us to use BDD scenarios. This allowed me to gain some insight in the working of selenium web driver API. Using Selenium, I managed to automate some UI tests which would otherwise take us lot of time to manually test.

I also used these tests to perform some security testing and ensure that any changes we make to the user interface do not break the end to end scenarios and that tests are written in a way which allows them to be reused. Now here is where i utilized Specflow/Gherkin to write reusable scenarios that helped my project achieve better test coverage.

I noticed that Java is the preferred language in DHIS2 and I am familiar with object oriented principles and with the fundamentals of Java and I am confident that with your mentoring and self learning, i can use the skills learned on the mentioned project and can transfer them to DHIS2 using Java, should I be provided the opportunity.

The reason I want to apply for DHIS2 project is its novel approach in collection, validation, analysis, and presentation of data would allow me to learn more about building dashboards and rich visualization features. I see myself learning UI automation and integration testing with your mentoring and gain further insight in the best practices used by your reputable organisation.

I would love to discuss this idea in further detail with you and see how I can be of help to the project and learn about the scale and complexity of project’s implementation sites. I see great vision in this project not only from technical perspective but also from health industry’s perspective. I hope to learn more from your mentoring whilst contribute my best to open source.

Please let me know what I can do to show my ability to work with your prestigious organisation on this project. Thanks for reading so far. I can be reached at

Kind Regards,