Interactive Dashboards

Hello everyone,
I have installed interactive dashboard from app store , but it only supports normal dahsboard and not dashboard from tracker program, please help me?

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Hi @ahly, kindly let us know what you are trying to achieve here so that we can see how best you can have it adding @John_Francis_Mukulu and @rajab_mkomwa from HISP Tz to this thread.

I have installed interactive dashboard, but doesnt work on certain dashboards! @jomutsani @John_Francis_Mukulu @rajab_mkomwa interactive%20dashboards|690x321

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Hello @ahly,

The screenshot suggest that for the set period and org unit, it seems as indicators used for those favorite have denominator value which results to zero.

This issue is not really associated with interctive dashboard but rather nature of your data and how your indicators are designed.

I would suggest you try changing your filters I mean periods and/or orgunit to at least find ones with data

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