Integration with SMS gateway

Currently, DHIS2 supports four different types of SMS gateways.

  • Bulksms
  • Clickatell
  • SMPP
  • Generic Http
    I am putting up this question to the DHIS2 community in order to find out which SMS gateway type is being used in most of the DHIS2 instance. Bulksms and Clickatell are international gateways so I suspect the cost would be higher as compared to the local Http gateway.
    We are working on features pertaining to inbound SMS messages and this information will help us lot in deciding our way forward.
    @prosper, @Calle_Hedberg, @Pamod, @Edem_Kossi, @jerry



Hi - certainly being able to connect to local aggregators, bi-direccionally is likely to be top priority. At the moment you can only have a single carrier - Ideally, it should be possible to have multiple operators. You will decide how to direct traffic based on the pattern of the phone number.

On terms of international providers, adding connection to Twilio will be a nice one.

yes @rodolfomelia i am working on Twilio.

Sounds great… Thank you!