Integration with external Laboratory Information System

I was curious if any one has had any experience or heard of any projects that have successfully integrated data from an external LIS. Specifically, we are looking into how/if DHIS2 case-surveillance could access laboratory surveillance case results by directly querying data stored in SCC SoftLab. In this scenario, laboratory surveillance is unlikely to move away from their LIS and would not want to add a DHIS2 data entry stream alongside current laboratory dataflow (excluding the possibility of entering data directly into DHIS2).

Many thanks for any resources you think might be helpful!

Hi @GraemePM,

Recently, we have been integrating DHIS2 with the WHO Collaborating Centre for Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance system, mainly for aggregated data.

Earlier, we developed an importer for the same LIS for the individual entity. You can find the surveillance importer source code here:


Thanks Julhas. Were there any key considerations when thinking if WHONET would be compatible for this type of linkage? I’m seeing on its website that WHONET is based in dBase or SQLite. Was this a factor and did either work better?

Many thanks!