Integration and Strengthening of Primary Health Care Systems: Empowering through the DHIS2 based Decision Support Dashboard

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Integration and Strengthening of Primary Health Care Systems: Empowering through the DHIS2 based Decision Support Dashboard

Background: The Diabetes Compass Community App utilizes an innovative Open Smart Register Platform (OpenSRP) for real-time diabetes care, while Cloud Based Hospital Information Management System (CloudHIMS) streamlines Non-Communicable Diseases risk assessment and management in Primary Healthcare institutions. Integrating both is essential for a smooth working system, ensuring seamless data flow and enhancing decision-making. The objective is to develop a tailored decision support dashboard based on the District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2), to improve primary healthcare through centralized information and to enhance the outcomes. Case study: Skillfully developed by the Heath Information System Programme (HISP) Sri Lanka, the DHIS2 dashboard taps into the local expertise to seamlessly integrate data from both the CloudHIMS and the Diabetes Compass Community App. Serving as a central hub with seamless integration, the DHIS2-based dashboard will facilitate the exchange of patient data and will help in informed decision-making across interconnected systems. This integration will not only ensure timely decision-making but also will enhance the overall optimization of patient care. This collaborative approach will embody a comprehensive strategy for primary healthcare, emphasizing the interconnectedness of data systems in improving health outcomes. Results: The DHIS2-based dashboard functions as a dynamic interface providing real-time insights for effective diabetes management and broader enhancements in primary healthcare. The meticulously designed indicator framework, developed in collaboration with the Diabetes Compass team, aligns with specific requirements for monitoring and addressing diabetes challenges. This integration will help healthcare practitioners with actionable data for informed decision-making and also will promote patient engagement through personalized care plans and will help in monitoring the patient’s outcome. This will improve diabetes management and overall healthcare outcomes. Lessons learnt: This integration goes beyond just handling data, and it helps healthcare providers make decisions based on evidence, allowing them to tackle patient care challenges proactively. It emphasizes the importance of different systems working together smoothly, making sure patient data and diabetes-related information flow seamlessly and taking a complete approach to primary healthcare. Bringing together Cloud HIMS, the OpenSRP-based Diabetes Compass Community App, and the DHIS2-based decision support dashboard, this effort adds to the ongoing discussion about using technology to improve primary healthcare. The model shows how DHIS2 can be a positive force for change, creating a healthcare system that works efficiently, makes informed decisions, and leads to better outcomes for patients.

Primary Author: Gobica Piriyananth

DHIS2, Integration, Cloud HIMS, Diabetes Compass, Community App