Integrating existing MERNstack App

hello everyone. my name is Ousman Gnaly. i am new to the DHIS2 community. yesterday in a discussion with the director of the information system at the ministry of public health of Niger, i learned that our country is using this solution to collect and analyze health information. being myself developer and co-founder/CEO of a startup i wanted to learn more about this decision making tool. i really liked what i found like ecosytem. Now I would like to know if I can send all my hospital management application (it’s a fullstack MERN application) to the ministry of health without writing anything. I’m very familiar with the ecosystem of ReactJS.

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Hello @OZGnaly,

Welcome to the community!

You will be excited to know the DHIS2 front end is a collection of apps built in react
Your question is not very clear, but i am assuming you want to send your hospital management data and not the application source code.

If this is the case, please go through the Developer Manual to learn how to send your data to a DHIS2 instance.

This will give you a quick introduction on the DHIS2 API.

Please let me know if you require further assistance in that direction


thanks it helps me a lot

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