Integrating a Power BI report into DHIS2 Dashboard

I am trying to embed my PowerBi report into a DHIS2 Dashboard. Is there a way I can add a Custom Content Item in the Edit option of DHIS2 dashboard with an HTLM widget.

Hi @Abala_Allan

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It’s possible to generate reports and visualizations as well as pivot tables in DHIS2 using apps such as the Data Visualizer app and the reports app. Could you please add more information on the type of report you have created? One way to approach this integration is to import the values from Power BI to DHIS2 and the add the reports to the dashboard.

Please add more information about the report so we could see if there’s a way to generate a DHIS2 version of it. Thanks!

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Hello @Gassim

Thank you for your valuable feedback. To clarify my objective, I’m actively engaged in the process of seamlessly integrating a Power BI dashboard into our DHIS2 dashboard. In pursuit of this goal, I’m exploring the possibility of utilizing a custom widget or custom app that would enable me to effortlessly embed the HTML code of the Power BI dashboard. Your insights and suggestions regarding any suitable tools or methods for achieving this integration are greatly appreciated.


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Hello @Abala_Allan and @Gassim

Did you find a solution for this? if yes, could you please share it here?


Hey @consultantkart

At this point, it doesn’t seem like this is possible directly on the DHIS2 dashboard, but the idea @Abala_Allan mentioned to use “custom app” could probably work.

Something such as the plugins that work on the Capture app which were presented by @eirikhaugstulen in the #DAC2024 developers session (click to see video), would make this request possible, but at this point it seems the feature is for the Capture app only.

Let me know if you have ideas, or would like to share more info why this feature is a pressing need in your use cases.


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