Hello Dear ,

I hope all are fine and busy in daily routine work , i am download DHIS2 from website latest version, I also followed initials steps to installation of DHIS2, like download prostgress , tomcat 9, jdk latest version, also completed variable creation steps in win 10 , create db named dhis2, each step whom linked or in vedio on youtube, but when i retrieved dhis2 from local host it could not open http 404 error found, i download dhis many time , and paste it as desired link shown, please guide what step is missing so i can retrieve dhis2 on localhost.
Mubashar Pakistan

Did you create the .conf file?
Please pay attention to extension files.
In addition, you can use resources for further guidance.
Let me know if this works out.


yes i create conf file and new folder

i also try resource link but i dont understand what is main problem now

Unfortunately there is no one true way to successfully install DHIS2 on windows.
You will have to read through the resources on some of the tried ways that members of the community have used.
It also helps if you share more details and screen shots about the issues you are experiencing.