Input field does not lose focus in android

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I have an attribute - it is the last in the registration form - that captures a phone number, and I created a program rule to validate it. The phone number field does not lose focus when I click outside it, i.e., the cursor is still blinking in the field, so the PR is not triggered. I am afraid users can click on the save button as no error is shown. What might be the problem?

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Helo @dmbantu .

Which version of the Android App are you using? I just made a test putting a program rule in the last attribute (which is also a phone) and seems to be working on me. I am using 2.6.2 and my rule is that as long as the number is shorter that 3 show an error.

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Hi @jaime.bosque,

I have just updated the android version to 2.6.2, but the problem continues. The error only shows when I click on any attribute before phone field but it may be boring to explain this to users as they should see the error as soon they they leave the last attribute if filled incorrectly.

In the image, the error shows when I click on last name. If I click on the area below telefone, the the error message is nor displayed

Note: I tried it on a different android phone, but the problem persists


Hi @dmbantu

The rule should also be triggered by tapping the “next” button on the keyboard or when tapping the save button. Let us know if this is not happening in your devices.

  • Next button

  • Save button - As you can see this will not automatically save the enrollment. It should display the warning or error

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