Initial feedback on Nov 2020 DHIS2 Logistics Academy

I went through all the session videos of the logistics academy and cannot express how happy I am! Finally DHIS2 started evolving towards LMIS!!

We have been working in Mali, Benin & DRC on LMIS datasets for last few years. We had to design more elements than WHO proposed because of country requirements, and we have datasets for health facility and warehouses. We found our ‘workaround’ of calculating opening balance, average monthly consumption (AMC) and months of stock (MOS) using DHIS2 API and custom forms. Now we know from the academy that we can use Indicators and Predictors for some of these things. A screenshot of one of our LMIS dataset.

We periodically transfer the LMIS elements (using DHIS2 API) to our external LMIS system and generate reports and dashboards. After the academy we feel that we can start thinking of designing the LMIS reports inside DHIS2. We feel really excited and started thinking how we can have our LMIS system more ‘interoperable’ with DHIS2. Or even completely design the LMIS system inside DHIS2!

I have some questions and concerns on the academy presentations, which I will start posting after this first intro message.