Information about predictor calculation for aggregate data


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I created a predictor as following for the monthly data.

  • Generator – Mc-TBReg * 2
  • Organisation unit level = Health Facility
  • Sequential sample count = 2
  • Annual Sample count = 0

When I run the predictor from period Jan to Dec 2020, 8 Record inserted to the predictor output data element 6thAugust2020. I am using DHIS2 version 2.33.5

Following that, I created a pivot table include the predictor output element “6thAugust2020” and the element which I used in generator of predictor “MC-TBReg”. The result shown as below. I didn’t understand the actual calculation, can anyone help to know how the calculation was happened.

predictor result

Baktash Salehi

Hi @baktash.salehi,

Your predictor must have an aggregate function in the generator for the predictor to know how to use the sequential sample. The functions are listed here: Home - DHIS2 Documentation

Try something like “sum(Mc-TBReg*2)” That should take the sum of the two previously reported values * 2

Hope that helps.


Thank you got it