Individual Data Sharing

Hi, I want to know the idea of individual data sharing.
1 patient registered at the first facility (F1) and the next stage (different date) at another facility (F2) in another province. How is the data officer in F2 able to get the same data, access it, and continue monitoring the patient in a specific period?


Hi @taufiqhs,

Your solution depends on your use case, including the ideal level of protection for individual data, the configuration of your program, and user permissions.

However, I encourage you to explore the Tracker feature known as “Breaking The Glass”.

Here are a few learning resources that may point you in the right direction.

Note that breaking the glass is not yet available on Android, but this is a work in progress and should be available in future releases

Hope these resources are helpful. If you have more questions about which access level is best for your program or how to implement breaking the glass, please provide a more detailed use case and we can look into it together.


Hi Brian,

Thank you very much of great information

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