Indicators calculations

Hello Team,
I am facing issue calculating the following indicators :

  1. if (0.9<BCG<=1,1,0) + if (0.8<BCG<0.9,2,0) + if (0.5<BCG<0.8,3,0) + if (BCG<0.5,4,0)
    this formula isnot working, throuwing error.
  2. I’ve made the below visualization
    Hovewer how can I calculate this indicator with cumulative value

your help will be highly appreciated.


Hi @Amza

Maybe try and rewrite this into:

if(BCG>0.9 && BCG<=1,1,
if(BCG>0.8 && BCG<=0.9,2,
if(BCG>0.5 && BCG<=0.8,3,