Indicator Reload bug for optionset DEs in Data Entry

Dear DHIS 2 community,

We have a checklist (Approx 250 data elements) with scores that are computed using indicators and totals displayed in a custom data entry form.

In analytics (i.e pivot tables), the indicator values are computed and displayed as expected.

In the data entry form, the indicator values (i.e Totals) are also computed and displayed as expected during the data entry process.

However, when the dataset is closed and re-opened, ONLY indicators calculated from numeric data elements are displayed. Those with optionset values are not recalculated (Zero).It is after changing the value in the drop-down list (Reloading) that the values of ALL the indicators are re-calculated and displayed, which is not an ideal solution.

I have created a test dataset on Demo server, with data added for: OU: Ngelehun CHC

DS: Mujtaba-Dataset

Period: July - September 2017

If there is a function I can call from ‘’ to refresh and re-calculate the indicators, then that would be very helpful as well.


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