Indicator .periodOffset doesn't work in all patches of 2.35

DHIS version 2.35.10 and 2.35.13 (play)

We noticed, when creating an aggregate indicator using a negative periodOffset function, we get incorrect results in some visualizations when using DHIS 2.35.10. (I also tested it in teh latest 2.35 patch on the play server and got the same incorrect results.)

The example below includes an aggregate dataElement (HIV: testing) and an indicator using the .periodOffset(-1) function for that dataElement.

When displaying only one orgUnit, the function behaves properly in play 2.35.13. However, when displaying multiple orgUnits, it does not.

I recreated the same indicator against the same dataElement in play 2.36.10 and it works as expected.

I found this Jira task describing the problem in February 2021. It looks like it was corrected in 2.36 and was applied to 2.35.2… but I think it escaped the later patches of 2.35 somehow. (I tried it in 2.35.10 and 2.35.13 and it fails to function properly in those patches.)

We would like the fix to be applied to 2.35.10 or to a later or new 2.35 patch which we would be able to easily upgrade to. We do not have the resources at this time to upgrade to a 2.36 version, yet we need this function to work.

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Thank you @LauraLincks for your post to the community! BTW, bug hunters are tagged in the #copmonthly. (:

I saw you completed the discussion on the Jira issue with @Jim_Grace. Quoting Jim:

What we will do is release a new patch version with newer fixes, and the next one for 2.35 will be 2.35.14. Meanwhile, you can test the latest “development branch” of 2.35 at DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone. The development branch is based on 2.35.13 and also contains the fixes that we’ve added since then. These new fixes will go into the next patch release 2.35.14.

About your question, “Do you have any idea when that will be released?” You can check the development workflow for 2.35.14 on Version 2.35.14 Jira releases page Currently, it doesn’t mention a release date but the release date is approximate. You’ll receive an email notification once an announcement about the release is announced in #announcements.

Maybe @Gintare could give you an approximate date. (: