Indicator: numerator is quarterly and denomiantor is financial year starting october

Dear all,
Apologies if it’s discussed earlier. I am having trouble in calculating quarterly %
if the numerator is entered quarterly and the denominator is entered annually (financial year starting October). am using 2.32 version.

Thanking you


Greetings @drmurlee, and a big Welcome to the DHIS2 Community!

Tagging @Scott / @Emma_Kassy to have a look at this and advise.


Thank you James for your warm welcome. Looking forward to hear from @Scott and @Emma_Kassy

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Hi @drmurlee. Welcome to the community!

If the data was captured monthly you would be able to use the annualized feature. This is used when you have a monthly numerator and an annual denominator. It simply multiplies the numerator by 12. You might be able to do something similar though by just including in your numerator calculation a multiplication by 4.

Please let me know if that helps. : )

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Thank you Scott. This is helpfull.