Indicator Functions not Working


I have been trying to make the if condition work when setting up an indicator in version 2.37.2, but it is not working. Can anyone please help guide how to make it work? Please

Hi @Abumere_Ejakhegbe,
Thank you for your question!

It does say the expression is valid, but what then isn’t working? Would you please explain the point of this condition. Thank you!

Thanks @Gassim for your response.
Yes it shows valid in the statement but when I open the data entry form to check the indicator in the form, it is blank… It does not return the expected answer.



How come it says DataItem if( not supported for this type of expression when I try it?

Could you reproduce this in DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone? Thank you!

@Gassim . Thanks for the response. Please check with the latest version. Try using the latest instance in That is were I test this.