Index row size 7536 exceeds maximum 2712 for index

Hello, I am working with a tracker dhis2.33.2. When downloading data in Event Report I am getting difference between event and enrollment. Indeed, when using Event in Output type i got 3900 events while when i use Enrollment i am getting 2500 records. I downloaded both table in excel compare them and i found only 100 of duplicate. How can I get as much enrollment as event? I want to combine data from 2 differents stages, and this is possible only when selecting enrollment.

warm regards


Hi @Amza,

thanks for the question. This could have a natural explanation, as in Tracker, an enrollment can have multiple events associated. As an example, if your program has two stages, an enrollment will often have two events (one for each stage). Hence, there might be many more events than enrollments in your system.

Could you explain a bit more what you mean with you “found only 100 of duplicate”? What types of duplication did you find?