Incorporating job aids into app?

Hi all,
Has anyone found ways to integrate job aids (videos, flip charts, etc) into the DHIS2 app? We are trying to support front line community-based workers to collect case management data in the context of client counseling, where they are asked to show videos, flip charts, messages, etc. Right now the counseling session and then data capture are completely separate, but trying to think of how it might be possible to streamline. For example, if the client is referred for a certain health service, they click the box and are prompted to show a video related to that health service.
I know there are custom apps, but have others found workarounds to use the official android apps? Program rules with links could work, I think, but not sure when they are operating in offline environments and the resources are just locally on the tablet.
Thanks for any thoughts!

Hi Natalie,
I have two master students working on adding functionality in DHIS2 Android Tracker Capture for video presentation. So far, this functionality is a prototype and does not access Core. Videos have to be uploaded to the android gadget. I envision this could be helpful both for training / reminders to health workers and also for health promotion. The latter might require a screen size like a tablet, if the video is to be shown to 2-3 people.
We are also working on trying to get funds for a university course on ICT for health promotion and possibly also research funds for the same area.
Best regards,
Jens K
University of Oslo

Thank you for this! So happy to hear people are working on it! We are using (good-sized) tablets across the board. Do you have any sense of when it might be more widely available?

Anyone else try this with existing functionality (program rules etc)?