Included features in the initial mobile dashboard progressive web app


The analytics and mobile dev teams are hard at work developing the initial release of the new mobile dashboard application. We are aiming for the initial release in March 2021. Here is a list of the main features that will be included in the app

  • This application will be available for both android and IOS.
  • Some dashboards in the mobile app will be available off-line - On the web browser the user will be able to specify which dashboards will be off-line. The app will download these dashboards and tell the user the last time the dashboard was synced when viewing it.
  • Many dashboards can be downloaded and viewed off-line.
  • Printing -The print mode does not use the adjusted small screen layout, rather it defaults to a dashboard that fills the set paper size

These features will not be available in the initial release, but many of these may be possible to add in subsequent releases.

  • Filtering – because of limited storage on the phone and minimizing mobile data use filtering of dashboards can not be available.
  • Sharing dashboards
  • Editing dashboards
  • Creating a new dashboard
  • Drilling down on dashboard items or maps when off-line – again this will require potentially downloading a huge amount of data onto the device which is not feasible when offline
  • Can not toggle between charts, maps and table when off-line - this feature requires communication with the analytics back-end and therefore can not be off-line in the MVP
  • Messages and interpretations when off-line – Again this requires communication with the back-end
  • Automatic synchronize when offline – this will be added in later versions, but will not be in the MVP because of limited development time.

A detailed list of features and design that will be available is here.
A detailed list of features that are not available off-line can be found here.

A link to the main jira ticket if you would like to follow progress or post comments to the team.

Thanks to the whole DHIS2 community for helping us define the requirements, especially @Pamod @prosper @Saurabh and @chase.freeman.


Huzzah! I was not aware while following along that this would also be available for IOS (+1 for progressive apps)! That news is wonderful-the holidays have come early :gift: . I’m looking forward to March!

Many thanks to all of the hard workers making this possible.