Incident date vs enrollment date: which to choose?


The documentation says that both incident and enrollment dates can be used for scheduling future appointments/visits. My question is: which one would be appropriate at the time of configuring future visits? Is the choice random or is there any logic behind? I am a beginner and this terminology really confuses me.

Can anyone in the community provide detailed explanation on when to use each of them?


Hey @fernandoshake,

I’m not sure if you have, but I really recommend you take one of the DHIS2 Academy courses. From your question, I think it will be helpful to take the Tracker Use Academy: Playlists → (Level 1 DHIS2 Tracker Use Africa Webinar Part 1 - YouTube | Part 1: Overview of Tracker use cases in Asia region - YouTube) The videos will always be available to watch on demand.

I’ll try to make it short and simple based on my understanding. When scheduling a future appointment/visit the logic behind whether to choose the incident or enrollment date depends on which one of these two dates is important in relation to the future date. For example, you enrolled someone in the program but no incident/first event such as a checkup or interview ever occurred, do you want this future event to be scheduled regardless of whether this person has gone through the first event or not? If yes then you’d choose the enrollment date and vice versa.

Please let me know if this explanation helps; otherwise, I can search for a different example. Maybe we can find something from the courses in video that I shared above.


Hi @Gassim,

Thank you for sharing the videos.

I do not know if I understood this part:

If after enrolling someone in the program, we register their first event such as FP initation, in this case it is advisable to use incident date? if the incident date chosen for first event (FP iniatiation) is, for example today (12/2/2021), and entering other dates as events occur over time, how do I handle these dates in data visualization? Will I be able to view dates of all events in the event report? These questions are important to me before starting the configuration.


I’d say yes because it seems like the enrollment date is not significant as the FP initiation.

I’ll tag @Shurajit_Dutta for your other questions, thanks!

Hi all.

I want to monitor the training of Community Health Workers over time and get information of what training they have been through and where and when this took place.

Since I will capture the same type of data for all training events, I’ll have one repeatable program stage.

My problem is with the configuration of the date the training took place. I would like to use the report date that is in the tracker dashboard to capture the date each event took place, but it seems that it is not possible to view the event and report date (date of training) side by side in the event report. In this case, how can I configure date of training so that when I go to event report I am able to display it together with the event side by side.

I also thought of using the incident date, but I don’t know for sure how it works.

All possible solutions are welcome.