In few apps like import/export, Event Reports, Event visualiser, in the organisation units list is showing unstructured org units

In Import/Export, Event Reports, Event Visualiser apps, in the organisation unit section it is showing unstructured hierarchy.
For example: In the metadata I have the below hierarchy:
@Branch 1
-Location 1
org 1
org 2
-Location 2
org 3
org 4
@Branch 2

Same should be displayed in the apps I mentioned but the list I see is listing org units like org 1, org 2 along with org unit University which lies in the higher level hierarchy
What could be causing this? How can this be fixed?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Pooja_Deshpande

What version of DHIS2 are you using? It seems the issue you are facing has to do with the older apps (Event Reports app, Event Visualizer app) which are no longer a focus in the software developer road map because of the newer alternative apps (Data Visualizer app in this case).

For the Import/Export app, what version is the app you are using (you can find out from the Appa Management app)?
Would you take a screenshot of the issue and explain further?
For example, if I repeat the same steps on, am I going to be able to face the same issue?

One more thing, did you check the OU hierarchy in the Maintenance app?


Hi @Gassim

We are on DHIS2 version. In other apps like capture, data entry org units are listed correctly. In the maintenance app also hierarchy looks fine. Not able to know which version of import/ export app is. Cannot share the screenshots as it is confidential. Also not able to recreate the issue in any other instance.