In a dataset with categories, how do I access the data element value in one of the dataset category

Hello team,

I have a dataset that has a category combination. I switch to a dataset category and enter the data to the form for that dataset category, then switch to the next during data entry.

The problem comes when I need to create an indicator. I am unable to specify that the data element was entered in which category of the dataset. Is there a way to solve this?

Hi @christiano_ben

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I understand that you don’t want the analytics for the data element to be the total regardless of the categories, but you want to be able to disaggregate based on the category option.
I believe the following exercise (Exercise 3 - Create an indicator using an attribute) answers your question, please have a look: Learner's Guide to Indicators - DHIS2 Documentation

The main trick is under the heading " Search for the category option combination ID" because then you can make sure that the data element uses the specific disaggregated id directly in the expression.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to follow up with how it goes. Thanks!

Thank you @Gassim. This worked perfectly.