Improving the usage of DHIS2 Platform- Sharing of community experience of Surkhet district, Nepal

Part of the Use of DHIS2 data in research DAC2021 Session: Wednesday 23nd June 14:00

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Dear members! Glad to be part of this learning platform. I am Yangzi Sherpa working as a Health Information System- Technical Officer in Surkhet district of Nepal under Strengthening System for Better Health Activity. My presentation title is “Improving the usage of DHIS2 Platform”- Sharing of community experience of Surkhet district, Nepal. I would be happy to share some of the key approaches that we used in the community context to strengthen the use of the DHIS2 platform.


Is the RDQA forms implemented directly in Dhis2 in Nepal?

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Questions during the session (from the zoom chat):

From @Balram:
Thank you, Nepal Team for great work and results. One quick question, what tool was used to do HMIS assessment? Does each lowest facility enter data in DHIS2 directly or there are entered by upper level facility? Thanks

From @SherpaY:
The provision is that it should be entered by health facility as an end user however in case of poor network connectivity, laptop unavailability and untrained human resource, the data is entered by municipality health section chief.
The assessment was conducted for overall Health Information System using some preset questionnaire not HMIS alone!

RDQA tool is not embedded in dhis2 currently in Nepal but the tool itself is taking into account the dhis2 entered data.Doing so, we are ensuring that data entered in dhis2 is same as in recording and reporting tool.Hope that answer your question or you can get back to me

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