Improving Monitoring and Management of Cold Chain equipment through DHIS2 Tracker

The messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines were developed in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Such types of vaccines require constant low-temperature cold chain equipment for its storage, shipment and delivery. Hence, monitoring and management of the cold chain equipment is crucial in ensuring that the vaccines are kept safely according to manufacturer’s guidelines at any vaccine store. In Malawi, this was done through the use of a Microsoft Excel document capturing relevant information including equipment functionality status at various vaccine stores. However, it becomes challenging to have timely monitoring of the equipment status across all the vaccine stores and maintain standardized versions of the offline file. Therefore, an innovative solution was proposed and piloted to aid the cold chain equipment monitoring and management in Malawi. The solution involved Development of a Tracker Program. Cold chain equipment are enrolled and then tracked as they are distributed from one point to the other

Authors: MoH - Malawi ( Blessings Kamanga, Rajab Billy,Joseph WU), UNICEF - Ghanshyam Sethy, Lokesh Sharma, Ranjit Dhiman & Zabihullah Kamran


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