Importing Sample database (Postgres)

Hello everyone, I need to import Sierra Leone sample database on Dhis2 v2.37.4 on windows 10 for testing. The system reports that it is a text file. but when I check it is a .SQL file.
What can i do to correct it.

Hi @Sozanga_Sanou,

Please add an explanation to how you are doing this. What manual are you using?

And which DB are you using? Is it ?

How are you unzipping it?

I think more info would help to understand what is causing the issue. Thanks!

I unzipped the file with 7Zip. By opening the file with 7zip then clicking extract here. I created a database db_sierra_leaone. By making a right click on the base I select restore and by selecting my sql file then restore

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I had the same issue when using importing into pgadmin but it’s probably because I didn’t do the correct steps. (: