Imported events with api, can access from api,but can't view in capture、event report

I have imported some events by way of web-api every day. but these days , the events can view as : dhis/api/events/Ud4Rfv3u9z9 …
but there are no events in capture app, no data in event report,etc.

Hi what version of DHIS2 are you using? BTW, when you view dhis/api/resources and search for the word events (Ctrl+F) do find what you are looking for?

2.36 or 2.37(trunk version), search events in browser api/resources for word events found nothing.

I see! So since you weren’t able to find the word “events” mentioned in the resources then do you think that this is why “dhis/api/events/” isn’t working? How about trying one of the event resources mentioned in that page?

Here are examples from the api resources page:

<displayName>Event Charts</displayName>
<displayName>Event Filters</displayName>

So for example if I want charts I will use the first link…etc i.e. for example: :smiley:

Are you able to get the Api Url from the Maintenance app:

I really hope this solves this issue, let me know what result you get and I will look further into this with you!


It’s not the case , there is no “api/events” items in api/resources , but the …/ api/events api is true.

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Hi @linxd

If I understand correctly, you add events via the API and you can view them via the API, but you cannot see them in Capture app or Event reports?

If that is correct, is it the same if you add an event via the Capture app?


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