Import Validation Rule Failure

I built many validation rules in the testing system environment. but I failed to export them to a production system.
I couldn’t import the validation rules, and a message of error appeared as an attachment.

Note: I use import/export application.

@sami.oracle10g ,
When ever any metadata is imported, there are certain set of validations that run to verify the correctness of the imported metadata. As you can see from the error messages, the validation rules with the given UIDs are either missing the property “name” which is mandatory or are not having unique UIDS. Please make the changes to the input file accordingly and try to import it.


Thanks a lot. but I want to inform you that When I export data as csv this error message appeared but When I export them as JSON the importing process is gone okay.

Thanks a lot. I solved this issue by exporting the file in JSON format, and it’s gone perfectly. FYI, this issue appeared when I exported the file as a CSV.

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