Import Users Data - Using User Templated

Deaer All
I would like to import user data for model users.
My issue with passwords and retyping password is that there is an invalid message." 1. “Invalid CSV header: ‘password’ and ‘RetypePassword’ in model ‘users’”"

Note: I had a problem with the BIF app. and it works well with user extended app

For more information, please see the file I’ve attached. I’d appreciate it if someone could advise or assist me in figuring out how to get around this issue and effectively import user data.

I have tried to remove the “retype password” column, and it was successful. but when I tried to log in using the username “dhis2user1” and password “DHIS2user1$” it was a failure.
then, I logged in as an admin user and updated the password of the user name"dhis2user1" manually; I used the same password created in the template. and it was successful, so I logged in.

My question is, "Why did the password not work when I imported it? and worked when I entered it manually.

Have you tried the User Extended app?
Am unsure which version you are using as some are not friendly to user account creations, but I’ve found this app to be very helpful.

Hi @dmnscar
I sincerely apologize for not describing the application I used. I had a problem with the BIF app, though. and it functions perfectly when I utilize the user-extended app.

So, could you kindly assist in using the BIF app to resolve this problem?

Hey Sami,
Have not used BIF for User additions/changes in DHIS2 before (I normally create them by creating a new one or from replicating a current user, & then importing/exporting them between instances where needed) but from the metadata I found available to be updated in BIF it seems there is not a ‘password’ field:

BAO are the owners of the BIF app so I will have to leave it to them to update you/us on your query about it, sorry.

Saying this, we/MSF have an issue with v2.33 & of having to enter/save a password twice to allow a user to login ok, so am unsure if this persists in later versions - hoping not of course :slight_smile:

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