Import legacy data

Dear all,

I have data in MS Excel or MS Access format, I would like to import those data to DHIS2. So far, I define data element and data set.

Please advise how to accomplish this task.

Thank you very much.

Dear @nuttapol

I would like to ask if you have taken the DHIS2 Fundamentals course? I will definitely help! See academy courses, DHIS2 Fundamentals.

In module 4, you learn about Collection and Customization which includes dataset and data elements creation, and in module 5, you will learn more about importing CSV into the instance (video URL at time):

It’s a process that will require a bit more understanding of the structure and data model! I also think it’s important once you are ready to start importing to be familiar with the Import/Export app as well as make sure you use the CSV format.

Hope this helps! Please always feel free to post to the community if you have more questions or would like to share about your experience and connecting with others. :+1:


Hi @Gassim

I can import some data now :slight_smile: and I can make data entry but I cannot see data in data visualizer.

I cannot find pivot table in version 2.37.

Please advise.

Thank you.

I’m glad you are now able to import the data :+1::+1: I will answer your question about data visualizer in the second post of yours: DHIS2 2.37 - Cannot see data in Data Visualizer

The pivot table was merged into the Data Visualizer app, click on the dropdown menu in the top left of the screen to view it:

I can find it now. Thank you.

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