Import indicators from csv to dhis2


I need help to import indicators from csv to dhis2. I tried metadata import wizard but indicators are not uploading.

I’ve two dhis2 instances one for development and another for production. My aim is to push the created indicators from dev. environment to production environment.

Please give the steps and csv format. (My program type - aggrigate)

Hello @Suranga ,

Hum, I don’t think it’s possible to import indicators from csv file because there is no “INDICATOR” option in class key, see below image (DHIS 2.27) :

I advise you to use XML or JSON format.



I usually export indicators to json and convert to csv after that i convert again to json.

I use python pandas to perform this convert.


Hi, Thank you very much for the detail explanations. I’ll use JSON to do that. btw All the indicators are downloaded when doing that export so do we have a method to get specific indicators with relevant to the specific dataset in JSON export?

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Thank you very much for directing me to do it in a simple way otherwise its very cumbersome to handle JSON file because its export all the indicators I developed.
Thank you again.

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Hi there,

For the purpose of conversion JSON-CSV-JSON I use these two online instruments.

So you even do not need any extra tools or programming.