Import GML

Hello everyone,
I can’t import the GML data! I need help.
Should I convert the shapefile to another format before converting back to GML?
What should I do?

Hi @Sozanga_Sanou ,

It would be useful to know which DHIS2 version you are using, but we test GML import for most patch releases, and I am fairly sure it works.

The problem is that it is very sensitive to small issues in the file, and the importers responses are not very helpful. Please take a look at my comments in the issue here; it might give you some hints about what to check in your GML file. If that doesn’t help then get back to us and let us know what you tried.

Kind regards,

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I’m using DHIS version 2.37.4
Can i have an example of gml file to cheick the format ?

Hi @Sozanga_Sanou

We have a very simple GML file that we use for testing. It basically just changes the boundary of the top-level OU (CODE = OU_525) in our Sierra Leone demo DB.
As I pointed out in the linked issue, the import will only work if all of the entries can be mapped to an existing OU (it should work when mapping with either CODE, NAME or UID).

Unfortunately I cannot post out test file here, due to limitations of this platform, but if you send me a private message I’ll share a link with you.