Import error: Missing required property `shortName`

I got error on import metadata from a export file:

HUlYzCAQFR2 | OrganisationUnit | code | Property code with value MA62R0P9X51011515D2112 on object ******* [HUlYzCAQFR2] (OrganisationUnit) already exists on object weykb79EA1p.

OrganisationUnitGroupSet: Missing required property shortName.


Hi @linxd,
Yes I read your post but wanted to reproduce it wasn’t able to get the same result. One quick question do you have the “shortName” column in the exported file:

Would you like to create a Jira issue with steps to reproduce the issue as well as screenshot of the import/export settings. Thank you so much!

include short name colume (zip,json)