Import data

Hi team,

I am trying to import data and when i try to search " import data " in DHIS customisation" the only option appearing is “Import settings” and my acess is denied. Is that normal?

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Probably community might need a bit more explanation @joaoC on the issue you are facing.

Are you saying you are not able to access the below screen?

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Hey Jins!

Thank you for your response.
Yes I can’t acess to the screen you showed
Here is what appears when i search “import” in Dhis customization:

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Yes so you don’t have the necessary user access for that. Is it possible for you to reach out to the Admin of that system?

Meanwhile, you can play around in the dhis2 demo servers and get a feel of it. DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone

ok, no i don´t, you have an idea of who can be the admin? I am doing a project so it would be important to reach that access
Thank you for the demo server.

Hello @joaoC it depends on the system you access, those systems are restricted to organizations, right? Which instance you are accessing and of which organization?

Hey @joaoC,
What is the version of the DHIS2 instance that you are using please? You are trying to access the import settings and not the app; however, the authorities to access apps or not should be given to you by the system admin as @jthomas said!

Jins i just know that i am using version 2.26 of the DHIS

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Hey Gassim

I am using version 2.26 of DHIS.


If i download the last version this problem could be solved or i really have to contact the admin?


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2.26 is not a supported version and is quite old. It’s recommended to upgrade to one of the supported versions; however, the system admin should do that as well!

You will be able to access the app if you are granted the proper role/authorities to access it!