Import Data Wizard for DHIS2 v2.38

Hello, I would like to ask when the stable version of the Import Data Wizard for DHIS2 v2.38 will be released, if anyone has any information on this?

Hi @Pascal_RATOLOJANAHAR , welcome to the community! :tada::tada:

The Data Import Wizard app was developed by HISP Uganda. The last version was released in 5/4/2020 (@stephocay any info if there will be updates please?)

You’re welcome to share the use case as it might be possible to perform a solution using the other apps. Have you tried the Import / Export app for instance?


Hey @Gassim, @Pascal_RATOLOJANAHAR & @stephocay,
We’re currently working on an improved version of the data import wizard that will even work on the latest version of DHIS2.

Of course, the difference it has with the import/export app of DHIS2 is the ability to do your own mapping of data from different sources (DHIS2, JSON, APIs, GoData, Excel, CSV) and then import the data after mapping. The mapping can be done on organisation units, data elements, programs, program attributes, option sets, and all the metadata in the tracker/event and aggregate components. You basically have the liberty to define what maps to what from your source to destination - after which you import the data either immediately or at a scheduled interval depending on your system’s integration needs.

We will make a copy available as soon as the aggregate component has been ported over to the latest version since we first focused on the tracker/even and scheduling components.

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Hey @Gassim @sekiskylink
In fact, within my organization, we want to use this application to import the data because its features suit us perfectly. Whether it’s importing from APIs, Excel, or Dataset,… Everything works fine until the last step of the import where the application fails to import the data. That’s why we reached out to the DHIS2 community to seek help.
I believe it’s at the endpoint level if I’m not mistaken.

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Thank you very much for this information. We would like to know, if possible, when this version will be available?

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Sorry @Pascal_RATOLOJANAHAR was mostly away from my desk yesterday. We have had some similar challenges for the import process because many times the resultant import payload may be too huge and it fails along the way. We’re hoping the upgraded version where we have a separate scheduler to handle the import addresses the matter. Let’s keep in touch with our team and we see how we can assist.
@carapai should be copied in this thread to follow up too.

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@Pascal_RATOLOJANAHAR we are looking at mid-September tops. Since porting over the aggregate data component of the app seems to be the longest. Should you need the tracker component, we could share a build for you to test out as soon as we polish the documentation.


Hello @samuel ! Do you have any recent updates on this topic?