Implementation of DHIS2 in setting with limited IT capacity

I am not an IT tech. My background is in medicine and epidemiology. My country is interested in using DHIS2 to improve our surveillance system. I have the following questions:

Is it possible to implement DHIS2 in a setting with limited IT capacity?

Is there a simple step by step guide to customize the platform for non-TI persons? If so how can I find it?

We presently have a partial implementation of the system (a server was created and the software was installed) but due to limited in country capacity we are unable to complete and use the system.

Wish someone can help.


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Can you please indicate your country?

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Hi Shawn,

This is the situation commonly experienced by most of the countries at initial stages of implementing DHIS2. There are so many resources and expertise available online and in the community which can help you expand your implementation. Please mention your country and someone from the region would reach out to you.

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My country is Grenada. In the Caribbean

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We are also look for Technical Implementation support for COVID-19 in Nigeria.
Please help