Identifier Code Auto Generation

Greetings from Pakistan!
Version 2.4.0 - We are using TB Registration No. (Auto Generation) for every patient using this pattern:-


We have been getting the error below every so often:-
<<could not reserve values: unable to reserve values, no new values available>>

We tried to increase digits in the postfix of the code but this is only a temporary solution and the error pops up again after a few months.

Can anyone guide on how can i resolve this issue?


Hello @Shafaqat

Question: When creating the organization unit, did you register the code shown in the image?

Note: The number of dots in “ORG_UNIT_CODE(…)” must match the number of characters in the code field in the organization unit.

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Dear Jamal,
Yes we have register the said code. System was assigning code automatically to the patients. Then all of a sudden this error started popping up .

Hi @Shafaqat

I think this gives us a hint that maybe the number of digits isn’t enough? Where does it stop incrementing?


Thank you Gassim.
Yes, initially it was working fine ( <IICTH0008-24-036>), later producing the error mentioned above. Then, we increased the patient code from 3 digits to 4 digits i.e. IICTH0008-24-0036 and assigned one digit to all previously registered patients through database. This produced the same error after working fine for sometime.
If we increase the code from 4 digits to 5, then it will work again, however, I believe this is not a permanent solution.

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