ID of selected AttributeOptionCombo of DataEntry App

Hi Community,

I am using How can I get the loaded attributeOptionCombo ID.

The option in the loaded form is the category option and not what I need. I need the CoC not the option.

Please any one?



Hi @Abumere_Ejakhegbe ,

We don’t have attributeOptionCombo ID there, the reason being it will force us to load a lot of data. For example if the attribute category combo has 3 categories of 100, 200 and 300 category options - we will endup loading 6,000,000 attributeOptionCombos. But with the current approach we load only 600 category options.

So, if you can pass the selected category options and the category combo, the backend will generate the unique attributeOptionCombo.

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Thanks @Abyot_Gizaw . I had to use api $get to achieve this. Thanks again.

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