Icon display corrupt text

When I go to ‘Maintenance’, the button for ‘Add’ and ‘List’ are not showing right. They are showing corrupted characters. See attachedpicturemessage_rzrw4l23.1qb

Hi Chris. Can you let us know which version of DHIS2 you are using?

Dear Max.

Thanks for the speedy reply

Windows Server 2012 R2
PostgreSQL 12.2
DHIS2 Version: 2.33.2
Build revision: 97df96a
Tomcat 9.0.33
Java version: 1.8.0_241
Clean Database

Chris Kruger

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Hi @chris91875, We are not able to reproduce this issue in our test databases. Is this issue just for category options or is it also the case for all items in the maintenance application?

When you are loading the maintenance app do you see any errors in your console?

Thank you @Scott and @maxk, I’ve the same issue on my version 2.33.3 - Windows10 and Windows server12, a fresh database then uploaded covid19 package and everything was good. I tried almost all the apps they are great but Data entry app renders the English text in corrupted characters as well as my maintenance screen. tried downgrade Tomcat according to some posts here but it didn’t work .
Tip: I created another user with basic roles, the issue appear in maintenance again but resolved in the Data entry, tried my admin account again it still fails.
Capture Capture2

Hi @Shady,

Can you see if @varl’s post in this (seemingly) related topic will help you?: Maintenanace page bad characters - #9 by varl

Best regards,

Thank you @Karoline I tried but It didn’t work.
anyways, I noticed that the issue is only with the admin account, so created another account with same authorities and it’s now resolved.

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Thank you @Shady, I have this exact issue, let me try your solution.

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