ICD-11 Implementation Issues

Good day
I am currently trying to install the ICD-11 Cause of Death module on an instance that is already running however, the installation fails for random fields (eg. attributes) with no specifics as to why it fails (no error in logs or backend). Once we ran it on a blank instance it works fine and the app installs with no errors. Both existing and blank instance is running on version

Hi @Reanne.Jean

Hmm, sounds like a bit of mystery if we can’t find any hint or log. Are you able to reproduce this issue on any of the play.dhis2.org instances? If so this will help with digging a bit for the reason why this could be happening.


Thanks for the response @Gassim

I tried to install in on version and it did give me the same error. As shown in the image below.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 143719