I see incident date instead of event date in an event capture

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In DHIS 2 version 2.30, from event capture app, I see event date, but in DHIS 2 Version 2.33.3 from the capture APP, I see incident date.
After upgrade from version 2.30 to 2.33.3, I can’t see the event capture App, but I see Capture App. I expected to see event date and not incident date as Iam entering data for an event capture.

Event capture app

Capture App

With upgrade to 2.33 Even capture was renamed and redesigned to the Capture App.
Under Add Program Details you can provide a description of the report date but if the field is left empty then the system default is used in this case “incident date”

See image, the red mark.

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Hi @Emma_Kassy,

Your explanation is clear, but I have another question: Why do we have incident date instead of event date in an event capture? As definition, Incident date is a key date in the patient’s pathway that you typically choose as the base date from which visit schedules and notifications are calculated. Shouldn’t it be in a tracker capture? Or the renaming was for both the App and the event date field?


I am glad the first issue was clear, I am also happy that you have the right definition of incident date.
I am not sure why in capture it is called incident date and not event date however from my understanding, for events without registration the name/description of the date may not matter since we have just the one date that will also affect analysis.

I hope someone on the community will be able to provide an answer.

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Hi @Emma_Kassy,

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this to me.