I need my metadata on my local system

Hi all. Please is there a way I can get things like a list of all the indicators, data elements or org units on my DHIS2 instance on my system? I want to be able to import it into an external information system.

Hello, @Carlos. Welcome back to the community :tada:

In response to your inquiry, you can get your metadata via two different ways on DHIS2. Either through the Import/Export app or DHIS2 APIs.

  • To use the Import/Export app, select the app in the app menu and choose the metadata you want to export in any format (CSV, JSON, etc.).
  • For the DHIS2 API, you can use this sample link “https://yourinstanceurl.com/api/organisationUnits.json?”. The link can apply to indicators, data elements, datasets, etc. You can also view the data in any format - CSV, XML, or JSON.
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