I need help with 4 questions which are occluding my path to build a robust dhis2 system for a India

1 . How to import our own data sets and earth engine layers from google earth engine into dhis2?
2 . I have organisational unit structure consisting of 4 levels and about 8000 entries . Is there a way in which i can programmatically upload them? ie Is there a way i can bulk create an organisational unit structure for an entire country.
3 . I have 5 groups of data elements, each consisting of 10 data elements each . How do i put in these data elements programmatically or bulk upload them.
Question number 2 and 3 have come out because it is a very tedious task for anyone to upload huge organisational unit structure and data elements into the system manually through the maintenance app. Is there is a way i can do it programmatically all at one go?
4 . Is there any way in dhis2 to indicate Null data in the datasets in all the visualisations and the GIS system?


Hi Mohammed. Yes, you can do bulk imports of org units, data etc. We do this all the time.

See, for example, the CSV metadata import section of the developer guide for your version of dhis2 at Resources - DHIS2 (the one for version 2.32 is at Home - DHIS2 Documentation).

Good luck!

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Nice. Thanks we will try this metadata import.

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What is the csv format for Organization Units and Data Elements?

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Its in the documentation above that @Hazim_Timimi posted. For example, Data Elements:

An example of a CSV file for data elements can be seen below. The first row will always be ignored. Note how you can skip columns and rely on default values to be used by the system. You can also skip columns which you do not use which appear to the right of the ones


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