I need help to import json format metadata on DHIS2

Hello everyone! Please I need help
I want to import the .JSON format metadata of malaria on DHIS2. But I am told that an unexpected error occurred that to try again. Do I have to make any particular changes in the file before importing it if not what to do?

Hi @Sozanga_Sanou, welcome to the community! :tada:

Would you please share what the error is? It might help if you check the console and network tabs in your browser’s developer tools to see if there’s an error displayed there too.


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Good evening, thank you for the clarifications, I was able to import the metadata but when I want to import the GML data I encounter this problem. What should I do?

Hi @Sozanga_Sanou,

Is this a new issue or the same issue as the first post because the first post was bout importing using JSON? If it’s a new issue we could move this to a new topic post with a relevant title.

Would you try to check the sharing settings for the OrganisationUnit [MueZGuMUtiD] in your user account? Are you able to access [your_instance_URL]/api/organisationUnits/MueZGuMUtiD ?

This might be a sharing issue! Do you see any errors in your Catalina.out log?

Thank you!