I cannot edit user in user app

I am working on DHIS2 in a dev environment. When accessing the user app I am unable to edit as I am getting error. The message says: There was an error fetching this user. meanwhile when I check the devTools payload header I got the details below.


  1. Request URL: http://localhost:8080/api/39/userSettings/keyUiLocale?user=admin

  2. Request Method: GET

  3. Status Code: 406

  4. Remote Address: [::1]:8080

message: “Could not find acceptable representation”

I am getting the same error with the https://play.dhis2.org/ demo instance.

On a closer look the api url is  http://localhost:8080/api/39/userSettings/keyUiLocale?user=admin

I thought the version should have been  38. How come it's showing 39?

I tried in the play.dhis2.org instance and it worked out fine: https://play.dhis2.org/

Would you please try to clear the cache? Server cache from the Data Administration app → Maintenance → Clear Cache, & reload apps. Then use the Browser Cache Cleaner app (best way to make sure it’s not a browser cache issue is to access the site from a new/different browser/profile which you have not accessed before. I recommend Guest mode.

If none of the above works. Please share the steps to reproduce this on play. Thank you!

@Gassim thanks for stopping by. I tried again later and the play.dhis2.org demo site is working. But in my local environment, despite clearing the cache, I cannot still edit the user record. Meanwhile User role and user group is editable. And I am able to create new user. But when I click it the edit user button, I get the error:

 http://localhost:8080/api/39/userSettings/keyUiLocale?user=admin 406
(anonymous) @ Api.js:339

Api.js:359 API request failed with status 406 
 Request: GET ../api/39/userSettings/keyUiLocale?user=admin

By the way I want to find out if I have to install the apps manually on my local instance. After I setup the server locally on an empty database, I found out the apps work out of the box. Do I need to install the apps manually to my instance to get the best experience?

@Gassim ,

This issue is reproducible in “dev” version of play demo (2.39 snapshot). I feel a jira should be raised to fix this issue.

@jetisco4u I recommend using the latest stable release version of DHIS2 (


@rithvik Actually I attempted to reverse to version but after I launch the server again it still load the version 2.39 snapshot. It seems the version hotfix is loading the 2.39 SNAPSHOT. I guess the stable version will be 2.38.1.

I have not raised an issue before, can you point me to a guide on that or will you please raise the issue?

@jetisco4u ,

Can you let me know how you have setup your local server? Is it using d2 CLI (d2 cluster) tool?


@rithvik I follow the steps here to build a custom image on an empty database. DHIS2 CLI

@jetisco4u ,

In the dhis-core repo, did you checkout to patch/ branch before building the custom image?
If not, then please checkout to patch/ and build a new image.

Alternatively you can run “d2 cluster up” to spin up DHIS2 with an empty db.


I used the zip packaged in the releases

Hi @jetisco4u ,

I did not follow you. Can you list the steps you have followed to setup?


I downloaded the zip package in the release. I step down to 2.38.1 and the user is editable. But when I use the release I run into the error where I cannot edit the user. It was showing the error above.

I added a docker-composer configuration to the existing dhis2 docker configuration to setup custom container with a database and a Nginx proxy and use the the docker command directly.

Its working now ok. The only issue is each time I build a new image, the dhis2 docker image spin up a new database. But I will try and work around that.

@jetisco4u ,

If you want to persist the database, use docker volumes. Use volumes | Docker Documentation
There are tons of resources online to help you with that.


@rithvik I followed your suggestion and clone the patch/ version for a custom docker container. Now I am able to edit a user. The system is up and ok. But when I tried to create data element using the maintenance app I am getting error 500. I checked the devTools and see that the payload is ok. in the console it print Api.js:371 API request failed with status 500 Request: POST http://localhost:8080/api/29/dataElements

I am only able to view the tables. When I click individual row to edit or tried to add new record I get the Internal server error. Meanwhile the server is running ok.

When I open the maintenance app and check the network tab, I see error 404 in the Header with the url http://localhost:8080/api/29/userDataStore/maintenance. "httpStatusCode":404,"status":"ERROR","message":"The namespace 'maintenance' was not found."}