I can not view report date into analytics

Hi all,

I have four events/ program stages in a tracker.

For each event/program stage, I select report date but unable to show it beside each event in event reports. See image below on the dhis 2 demo.

I had also aliased report date as data de sesion so that the user effectively sees “data de sesion” on the UI when entering data.

As I cannot use report date in event analytics, what is the purpose of defining “Report date”?

How can I reconfigure the report date to view it in analytics? Any suggestions/ ideas are welcome


Hi there. You are right, this date is not easily viewable in analytics. This is a requirement that might have been documented already in the work with the new line list app. @Scott might be able to comment on this.

For workarounds/approximations, one suggestion can be that you make a program indicator that shows the number of days between the enrollment/incident date, and the report date of each program stage. Or the number of days between each of the program stages. To do this you can follow the instructions in this thread: Number of days between dates from different program stages

Hope this helps!


Hi @ferdinandmussavene ,

Unfortunately you are not able to show the report data next to the data in the event reports application. This will be a feature that we will have in the new event reports application that we are planning to release towards the end of 2022.

As Markus pointed out report date can be used in program indicators. An enrollment linelisting in event reports will only be able to show enrollment date and incident date. An event line listing will show the report date, but not list the data by tracked entity like you have in enrollement linelists.

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Hi @Scott.

As a workaround, would it advisable to create a data element of date data type to capture the date the event took place? what you advise me to do?


Hi @ferdinandmussavene, yes that could work. It would be a bit redundant for the user entering the data, but then you would have a data that would be viewable in the event reports for each event.

Hi @Scott,

It will, of course, be redundant and the user may ask why he/she has to select the date twice for the same event.